capraia nightThe symposium is devoted to all aspects of artificial light at night (ALAN), including environmental issues related to an excess in its use and potential socio-economic benefits of dark skies for tourism in rural areas and natural parks, with a special focus on marine and coastal areas. In this respect, the Island of Capraia is an ideal scenario to host such a symposium, due to its naturalistic and touristic value within the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago and the presence of a very good quality of night sky.

The aim of the symposium is to share and expand theoretical knowledge and practical experiences within all fields of science and management related to artificial light at night and will offer the opportunity for networking and creating partnership for future collaboration. Furthermore, the dates of the symposium are favourable for conducting night sky observations and measurements.


  • Design, monitoring, modelling, and analysis of artificial light
  • Environmental impacts on terrestrial and marine ecosystems
  • Sustainable tourism and society

Targeted participants

  • Professionals, academics
  • Policy makers in tourism and environment
  • Park managers and astronomic observatories
  • NGOs, public or private organisations related to lighting technology and design, astronomy, art, environmental education and tourism
  • Students